Bringing Sexy Back

by Nina – Friday, 24. May 2019

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a single magic formula to being sexy? Well, just like we’re all different from another, we all find different traits attractive. There is not one definition of sexy but let’s have a little chat about what kind of traits are actually really sexy.

Sexiness is often associated with the external, physical features that someone somewhere deemed attractive. And this isn’t just our generation. Throughout history, many different body shapes have been considered the standard of female/male beauty:  from voluptuous forms in the Renaissance to super skinny ideals of stick-thin supermodels in the 60s. Or what about the corset waistlines of the Victorian era or the boyish looks of the 20s, or the hourglass figures of the 50s? All of these trends enforce strict standards and expectations. This generates a lot of negativity around body image since so many of us, women and men, simply don’t naturally fit one “ideal” body type. Does this mean that the majority of people can’t feel or be sexy?


To feel and to be sexy, we at Velocity believe we don’t need to fit the mold focused on the external. In recent years, we have seen the rise of “strong is the new skinny”. We absolutely believe in strong. A hard core, enduring muscles, big cardiac output, functional as well as performance strength. And we have to earn this strong that is naturally appealing. But a healthy, sexy strong requires so much more than corporal strength building.

We want to bring back the sexy that has stood the test of time. It’s not about the media’s definition, the latest trend or how anyone else perceives our bodies. It’s about you. The best you. The only you. Sexiness should be about a strength in constitution, an inner joy, a freedom of self expression and a confidence that comes from knowing exactly who we are, believing in ourselves and being the best version of ourselves. It’s supremely universal. You can be healthy, strong and sexy no matter your race, your religion, your background, and, yes, no matter your natural shape. Knowing that you are good enough and that you don’t need anyone else’s validation is the key to self-acceptance, to self-confidence, to unleashing your inner and outer sexy.

The best part about this sexy is that it’s all yours. Nobody can copy it and nobody can take it away from you. If you’re looking for a special bonus, recall the last encounter you had with someone confident, strong, seemingly balanced, yet so confident that they were humble, kind, giving. You may recall a special magnetic energy. Much more than an attractive body shape or size, the strong mind, body and soul can bring out that something special inside all of us. Together with you, we’re bringing sexy back.

I will leave you with a quote from Morgan Jerkin’s twitter:

“It’s good to be mindful of how others see you but to keep in mind that’s information, not definition.”

As well as this BuzzFeed video for body types through history.

And if you need a little body positive inspiration to get your sexy on, here are a few accounts to check out on instagram:

Photo Credit: @m0reniita