How To Train Like A Villain

by Cameron – October 20 2021

Senselessly stalking victims throughout the year is hard work – just ask Freddy Krueger or Leatherface. Whether you’re visiting your uncle’s cabin in the woods, or just need to change that flickering basement light, it’s best to stay in top shape during the Halloween season. Easier said than done. Often we wonder why all the sweating, cycling, and healthy eating doesn’t make us look like instagram fitness models.

The truth is our genetic makeup makes a big impact on our body type. Always remember there’s a spectrum of different body types. Embrace the one you have! No training and nutrition method works for everyone, so understanding where you fit in this trifecta can help you reach your highest potential. There’s no need to hide behind a mask like these nasty characters. You can love the body you’re born with. Here are some ways to train your body type like a villain.

The Body Type Spectrum

While we categorize the body into three types known as ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph, it’s important to distinguish that it is more of a spectrum. No one fits into just one of these somatotypes. Your body is in constant flux and fall within this range. This Halloween we decided to show you how your constitutional physiology relates to some of the most famous slashers of all time.

Unlike the verdict these horror icons should have, we aim to show that your somatotype is not a life sentence. Instead physical, dietary, and lifestyle choices can be just as impactful as the uncontrollable factors. Your fitness goals also have a big impact on which somatotype you would like to align closer to. If you plan on running ultra-marathons or just outpacing a horde of zombies, it would be best to do activities and eat a diet that align closer to an ectomorph type. Instead if you plan on a one-on-one battle with a predator alien from outer space or just like the occasional rugby match with friends, it may serve your interests to lean towards a plan that aligns with an endomorph type.

Ectomorph  – Freddy Krueger from A Nightmare on Elm Street

  • More narrow shoulders and hips in respect to height.
  • Relatively smaller muscles in respect to bone length.
  • Naturally fast metabolism makes it difficult for many to gain mass.

While Freddy has no problem terrorizing dreams, he does have difficulty keeping up with his fast metabolism and gaining significant muscle mass. His goal might be to put on more muscle mass on his slender frame. Of his options would be lower-intensity hypertrophy and maximal strength resistance training. He may also take longer resting periods between activity to avoid high caloric burn. It also leaves him plenty of time to wander through nightmares.

Eating a diet with 1.2 – 1.6 grams per kilogram body weight of daily protein, or in some cases even higher will help promote muscle growth. It’s important to eat a balanced carb and fat diet as well. Freddy might have difficulty filling in his sweater with just heavy protein foods, so he may enjoy occasional protein shakes right before bed to minimize the fasting during sleep.

Endomorphic – Chucky from Child’s Play

  • Stockier bone structures with larger midsection and hips.
  •  Carries more fat throughout the body.
  • Gains fat fast and loses it slow.
  • Naturally slow metabolism

A serial killer possessed doll may have chronically stunted growth and the inability to outpace his baby fat, but that’s not to say Chucky is hopeless. While he needs resistance training to strengthen muscles and stabilize his joints, his focus should be improving his cardiorespiratory endurance. He would benefit especially from high-intensity interval training (H.I.I.T), which promotes fat loss and can assist with increasing his metabolic rate.

While we may need to make some bike adjustments, he certainly would benefit from Veloburn classes which focus on this type of circuit training. He should also combine this with stability and strength endurance exercises while taking shorter rest periods. This is something that Power workouts put into action.

Maintaining a high protein balance is still really important, but less caloric intake is essential for those with this body type. Carbohydrates are important energy sources, but having a diet with less may assist in fat loss. Proceed with caution when cutting carbohydrates, since one can feel more fatigue without a healthy balance. One method is to consume very little carbohydrates early and then bring in more whole carbs like sweet potatoes and brown rice as your metabolic rate increases. Another method would be to participate in intermittent fasting which takes the focus of what you should eat and puts it on when you should eat.

Mesomorphic – Jason Vorhees from Friday the 13th

jason voorhees News, Reviews and Information | Engadget

  • Medium bone structure with shoulders wider than the hips.
  • Developed athletic musculature.
  • Efficient metabolism; mass gain and loss both happen with relative ease.

At 195cm and 125kg, Jason Vorhees is as genetically gifted as he is unkillable. Besides his fair share of mommy issues and an uncomfortable relationship with bodies of water, Jason has an efficient metabolism and gains muscle with relative ease. While he does his fair share of swimming, his relationship with fitness and conditioning may not be as evolved as healthy individuals closer to the endomorph or ectomorph type on the spectrum. This is because they’ve had to endure more disciplined training and consistent nutrition to reach their goals than mesomorph types.

To make sure Jason can continue to haunt lakeside campers for years to come, a trainer may recommend him to engage in more advanced athletic training. Speed, agility, and quickness drills along with dynamic strength exercises that utilize multiple muscle groups during repetitions can be beneficial. They help naturally gifted athlete types maintain strong balance and coordination as well.

Nutrition should involve Eating a diet with 1.2 – 2.2 grams per kilogram body weight of daily protein. This will be dependent on the type of program and difficulty one choses. The remaining calories will come from a healthy balance of carbs and fats. You can reduce or increase your intake depending on your fitness needs and goals, whether that be a higher muscle density and quicker or to be leaner and maintain higher endurance.

Train Like A Villain Today

We’re here to help you reach your fitness goals no matter what they may be! We’re here to brighten up Halloween this season with many themed workouts across all of our Velocity studios. Feel free to dress up and join the festivities, and we hope you’re not afraid of the dark.

Halloween Theme Rides:

Velocity Zug

26.10.2021 12:10  Veloburn: Ride Through Hell w/ Livia

26.10.2021 19:30 Veloburn: Monster Climbs and Deadly Sprints w/ Franziska

29.10.2021 12:10 Velobeat: The Corpse B-Ride w/ Francesca R.

Velocity Zurich West

28.10.2021 18:00 Velobeat: Thriller Ride w/ Fabian

Velocity Enge

26.10.2021 6:45 Veloburn: Monster Climbs and Deadly Sprints w/ Franziska

27.10.2021 19:15 Velobeat: The Corpse B-Ride w/ Francesca R.

29.10.2021 18:10 Veloburn: Monster Climbs & Deadly Sprints w/ Franziska

30.10.2021 9:10 Veloburn + Power: Zombie Combo w/ Francesca R.

30.10.2021 10:15 Power: Death by Power w/ Francesca R.

30.10.2021 11:15 Power: Death by Power w/ Francesca R.


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