New Power Coaches Spotlight: Ainsley & Stephanie M.

by Laura – July 15 2021

New Power Coach: Ainsley

Tell us a bit about you

I’m from Canada. My hobbies include hiking, going to the gym, flying my drone and traveling. I never did sports as a kid, only a few years ago did I really start going to the gym. I fell in love with it. Now I’m certified as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist.

How did you first discover Velocity?

My friend brought me to try it out!

Why Velocity? What do you think you’ll find here that’s unlike anywhere else?

That time under tension burn is like no other. I love how it helps you practice muscle mind connection.

What was the most challenging part of the Power academy?

Memorizing all the different names of the positions was a lot!

Every coach has something unique in their workouts. What makes your Power workout unique?

You just have to come to my class to find out 😉

Although Power incorporates slow, controlled movements, I want to be able to offer you a very energetic workout. My music is going to be loud – and my motivation, too! For me proper form is everything:  I want my clients to truly enjoy the maximum benefit of each exercise, so I will be by their side to push them… but always with a smile.

Thus, I think what make my classes unique is my high energy and attention to form.

What music will you play in your workouts?

For Power I LOVE indie music;
Gorillaz, Linkin Park, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon.
But I also throw in some old school beats;
Will Smith, Destiny’s Child, Savage Garden

The music ALWAYS goes with the movement.

Catch Ainsley on Tuesday’s 18:00 & 19:00 in Zug and Friday’s 9:15 & 12:00 in Enge

New Power Coach: Stephanie M.

Tell us a bit about you

I am originally from Germany, more precisely I grew up in the area of the Lake of Constance. However, I am extremely grateful to call Zurich my home of choice. On the weekends, I try to be as much as possible outdoors and in the mountains doing all kinds of exercise like skiing, hiking, mountaineering, etc.

How did you discover Velocity?

A friend of mine persuaded me to go to one of the Power workouts last year. I was immediately fascinated by the intense and targeted strength training you can do on the XFormer machine. The mix of body weight training with a focus on core plus slow and controlled movements is truly unique. I also just love how intense the workouts can be and immediately fell in love.

Why Velocity? What do you think you’ll find here that’s unlike anywhere else?

Velocity for me is much more than a gym. It is a community. You feel welcome from the start! The coaches are always open, friendly and positive. I feel much more energized when leaving after a Power workout.

What was the most challenging part of the Power Academy?

I am used to standing in front of people, presenting to senior clients and giving workshops in my day-to-day consulting job. However, giving fitness classes was an utterly new experience. Stepping out of my comfort zone, being the one responsible to always fill the room with positivity and energy was challenging. in saying that, it is a true joy to feel the positivity and energy back after completing the class.

Every coach has something unique in their workouts. What makes your Power Workout unique?

In the academy the coaches said that I am really good at coaching people on their form. I love to push people and myself to the limit in order for everyone to be at their best, while ensuring exercises are performed in a proper and safe way. So, my classes will be intense, full of energy while focusing on your muscle – brain connection. So, get ready to get your muscles shaking!

What music will you play in your workouts?

It is hard to say which music genre to expect. For me it is much more about the energy, the positivity and vibe you get out of it! I try to have playlists with a good beat which are fun and playful. It could be electro, hip-hop or mainstream pop. For sure, a 90’s classic will be in there.

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