The Power of the Pack
By Anna – 26 January 2022 

Ever wondered why you leave a group workout with so much more energy than you anticipated? It’s the power of the pack! We all know the usual benefits of group workouts, like increased motivation, accountability, and more. But keep reading to find out the most surprising and powerful advantages of working out with others. 

Before we start, don’t forget that Veloloco is THE biggest indoor cycling event in Zurich, so make sure to grab a ticket and experience riding with 70 people!

Energy is contagious 

Whatever you are thinking and feeling you are radiating (ausstrahlen) to others and impacting them. But if you find yourself in a room with like minded individuals who came in to just enjoy and get a good workout in, you’ll find yourself pulled towards positive emotions as well. Not to mention, the coaches have plenty of tips and tricks on how to get the energy of the room to spread. 

Feelings of togetherness

Whether in a social circle, work environment, or family and friendships, we all strive to feel accepted and appreciated. And it is no different for group workouts! But you will find it easier to fit in, after all, you are all in this together. You came in to get that heart pumping and your sweat dripping. That’s already something you’ve all got in common and it’s a great start. 

Improve your social health

Exercise is such an important way of enhancing our relationships with others. Movement puts us in places that are good for us, whether that’s in an environment that challenges us, or with a supportive community. It allows us to redefine ourselves and reimagine what is possible. It makes social connections easier. 

More people = more endorphins 

The entire experience of group exercise can lead to a higher endorphin release. Combining those feel-good hormones with the effect of the music, the coach leading you through a routine, the effort you put in, and the fact that you are in a group of people doing exercise, helps your body to release more! It’s why you come out of a workout really buzzing.

Can you imagine what it will feel like with 70 other people? If you want to find out, make sure to get a ticket for Veloloco before it’s too late.

See you Saturday, 25.02 at Kaufleuten!

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