Better Together:  Riding with a Friend

by Mal – Friday, 15. June 2018

So many things are better in pairs. Cheese and Crackers. Batman and Robin. Salt and Pepper. Macaroni and Apple Sauce. Han Solo and Chewbacca. Movies and Popcorn. Jay-Z and Beyoncé. George and Amal Clooney. The list goes on. And, as for exercise, having a fitness friend makes it that much more fun.

At Velocity, we love seeing riders come in pairs. We’ve seen many lover, parent-child and sibling pairs, in addition to just good ol’ friends. We have 5 reasons why riding with a buddy is incredibly beneficial.

1. No Excuses.

When you partner up for exercise, you ensure that there is accountability. When you have a friend waiting for you to clip into your bike at 7:00am, you are far less likely to hit the snooze button. Nobody wants to let a friend down!

2. Sweat More.

Now we’re not telling you to compare yourself to those around you, but a little healthy competition never hurt anybody. If the Veloboard isn’t enough already, the competitive instinct will be ignited when you’re riding next to each other, pushing eachother to be faster and stronger.

3. Community Vibes.

One of the most underrated things about exercise is the social aspect.  The feelings and acknowledgements that we’ve all had a shared experience together goes past the studio room walls. The interactions in the lobby and locker rooms are all part of the experience. Think of hitting a ride together as the new happy hour. Without the extra calories!

4. Shared goals.

If you voice your goals aloud and share them with your workout buddy, it will help you build resolve and resilience. There’s nothing better than achieving your goal in class with some one to celebrate with.

5. The more the merrier.

As they say, one is the loneliest number, so why not partner up? In a study done by the University of Southern California, the participants who worked out with friends or family enjoyed the workout far more than those who broke a sweat by themselves.

Sounds pretty good, don’t you think? If that’s not reason enough to grab your BFF and head into the studio, then be one of the first 5 riders to email the studio ( to bring a friend who’s never ridden before, and you’ll get that friend credit for free!

So, pull out your phone, message your group and sign up! We promise you won’t regret it.