5 reasons why Power is the perfect summer workout

By Anna – 7 August 2022

The heat is on, the sun’s out, and we know when you’re hot and sweaty already, it can be hard to muster up the motivation for a workout.  But there are plenty of reasons why staying indoors still makes the most sense and why Power should be your go-to workout this summer. And if you already know that, go ahead and book your next session below.

Keeping it cool & fresh with Dyson Purifiers 

While there are some forms of exercising that benefit from high temperatures, it has to be done in a controlled environment. And your lunch time run next to the lake is definitely not that. Extreme heat and overexertion can be dangerous and lead to dehydration or heat stroke. It will also be a lot harder to give your 110%, so you’ve got to think about the efficiency of your workout.

Our Power rooms are all air-conditioned and equipped with the latest Dyson Purifiers, that not only provide cooling air flow but also ensure the air you are breathing in is the best quality possible.

Maximum efficiency

Power is THE high intensity, low impact workout. You’ll work targeted muscle groups while protecting your joints. The Xformer is a resistance device that forces you to work every muscle effectively, within its grid. It might be simple, but it’s a real powerhouse. Allowing for over 200 different movements to target very specific muscles that are otherwise difficult to train, it helps with proper spine stability, alignment, and core engagement. With laser focus on the right range of motion it’s bound to leave your muscles shaking. 

Just 45 minutes

We get it, it’s summer. There are plenty of other activities, social or otherwise, to be engaging in. But that doesn’t mean you should skip your regular workout routine. In just 45mins you’re guaranteed to get the sweat of your life, engage muscles you didn’t even know existed and feel accomplished. We promise you’ll never regret it, and you’ll never feel guilty for not getting in some movement.

Access to equipment & amenities

With the studios offering all amenities, such as showers, towels, newest Dyson hair tools and more, you can be in and out of the door within an hour. We’ve got you covered, so the only thing on your mind is your workout.

Strength training

Power is the ultimate facilitator. Building and toning muscles will make a massive difference for all your other outdoor activities. Swimming, wakeboarding, tennis – you name it. While they are all great ways to get some exercise into your day, they don’t provide the same benefits as a Power workout. Continue your power journey and you’ll see improvement not only in your body, but the way you complete other activities.

Also, don’t forget that Velocity’s Power workouts have the capability to be customized for all fitness levels and fitness goals under the umbrella of strength training. Bursts of cardio and badass music assist in maintaining the high-intensity, energizing, and result-focused vibe of the 45-minute workout.

What’s your excuse now? Let’s power through the summer.

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