Veloburn Challengers Success Stories

by Kim – 31. December 2020

It’s a WRAP! Our challengers finished the Veloburn challenge on the 14th of December. 40 classes in 10 weeks, which equals at least 4 classes a week… CRAZY! We are super proud of all of you that you went the extra mile to achieve your goals, especially during these uncertain times. We asked 2 of our 44 participants how they found this new challenge and if the results showed. Although these are just two, we heard many stories of the kilos shed, and someone who was able to lower their resting heart-rate significantly. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to take part in the next challenge after hearing how it went.

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1. How did you find the challenge?

Oliver: The challenge was great! It was good having something to focus on and drive towards.

Rachel: I loved this challenge. It was a great next step for my fitness journey.

2. What was your biggest motivation during the challenge?

Oliver: Having signed up and made the commitment (mentally and financially) that was the driver to keep going. The aim was to get fitter for the ski season and increase my endurance.

Rachel: I loved how much time I got to spend on myself, honestly. I am a busy mother and it is so easy to put yourself last. This challenge made me focus and plan for my personal care.

3. Are you happy with your results?

Oliver: Yes, I could see the improvements over the weeks.

Rachel: I am. I am much fitter than before, and I know how much I can ask of myself. I feel like I really tested my limits.

4. What was your biggest challenge to overcome during these 10 weeks?

Oliver: Trying to fit the workouts in with work. Luckily, I wasn’t travelling for work, but it has been a busy time at the end of the year and if you miss a few days it was quite hard to fit them into the rest of the week, doing more than 4 classes in 4 days was quite tough.

Rachel: The first 2 weeks were school holidays, and it was difficult to make that time to get out for a class. Also, spinning 4 times a week seemed like a LOT of exercises and I doubted my ability to keep up.

5. Would you do another challenge? What would you change for the next time?

Oliver: Yes, definitely would do another challenge. The workout part was great, maybe there could be a combination with Velocity Live for some stretching and mobility or some strength training to add into the mix. The nutrition element of the challenge could be something different, maybe a partnership with a food box company or prepared meals for a few days of the week.

Rachel: I absolutely would do another challenge. I don’t know if I would change anything but I would use the things I learned last time right at the start. Planning my 4 classes at the start of the week was KEY for me. Once that was in my calendar then I could fit everything else in around it.

6. Do you have goals for 2021? What are your goals for 2021?

Oliver: Continuing riding, maybe a road race later in the summer, continue to be more active. Fingers crossed for some travel as well!

Rachel: I don’t have specific goals for 2021 but I will continue to make myself a priority and carve out time to care for myself and my fitness.

7. What is your favorite Velocity workout and why?

Oliver: Veloburn, always has and always will be, the feeling at the end of the class is fantastic, a room full of people, good beats and everyone pushing to their limits, nothing better!

Rachel: BURN ALL DAY! I love the intervals, I love the leader board and seeing how my metrics have changed over the months and years since I started spinning.

We are so thankful and proud for our strong community that so many of you joined this journey and kept going! By building the platform Velocity Live, we hope that we can continue to support you on YOUR personal fitness and health journey and hopefully we could send out some positive vibes in these challenging times.

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